Adaption Chair, MIXING-ROOM, 2019.
Wood, Polyester Resin, Custom Paint, Lacquer

Satisfaction, MIXING-ROOM, 2019.
Plaster, Steel, Concrete

A Reminder of Play - Coffee Table, MIXING-ROOM, 2019.
Resin, Glass

I Like Who I’m Becoming, MIXING-ROOM, 2019.
Wood, Plaster, Paint, Lacquer

A Reminder of Play - Sidetable, MIXING-ROOM, 2019.
Resin, Glass

I’m Holding Up, MIXING-ROOM, 2019.
Plaster, Steel, Paint

Duality, MIXING-ROOM, 2019.
Wood, Glass, Steel, Paint, Lacquer

I Like Who I’m Becoming, MIXING-ROOM, 2019.

Monograph cup, Concrete Objects, 2018.

Concrete Series, Concrete Objects, 2017.

Portland Cup, Concrete Objects, 2018.

Social Sculpture, Nike, 2019.

Play, Collectible Item, 2019.

Null Figure x Futura 2000, Art Basel Hong Kong, 2019.
Resin, Glow Pigment, Jesmonite

Sovereign Chair, 2018.
Wood, Black Stain, Artex

Untitled Chair, 2018.
Wood, Black Stain


London, England based,
Walsall born artist. (b. 1995)

Chelsea College of Art: Spatial/Interior Design.

Concrete Objects.
Concrete Objects was launched in 2017, in collaboration with designer Samuel Ross. Concrete Objects focussed on the everyday being an inspiration for utilitarian, household goods. Burns & Ross’ demonstration with Concrete Objects pulled on their friendship, mutual interest in industrialism, brutalism and bauhaus movements; and in the process became collectable artefacts for many.

Burns launched his design studio, ORBE, in 2021 as an entity operating at the intersection between architecture, interior/installation, industrial design and furniture. Artisanal goods, craftmanship, circular design and emotive architecture lead the spirit of the studio.

Mixing Room, 2019.
A presentation of furniture, sculptural works and industrial design. Mixing Room was an invitation to explore the relationship between mind and body, what it is to navigate the public and private, how we connect and convey our identities, and to question why our cities are not built in more modular and communal ways.

Hackney Marathon, 2019.
This centred the creation of an interactive ergonomic pavilion, ceramic medals, a capsule collection of activewear, and the installation of the start/finish site for Nike London and the Hackney 5k. All of which expanded the range of Burns’ practice, enabling him to question a further interest in social design: how do our designs best meet people where and how they are, children and parents alike, all while considering those in-between.

Jobe Burns began his career as a stylist for international menswear boutique, EJDER. A retailer that specialised in streetwear during the early 2010s.

Burns assisted in developing EJDER from a bedroom e-commerce concept in Wolverhampton, to a brick-and-mortar storefront in London – pushing his practice simultaneously, enabling him to focus on in-store product development and spatial design.

Burns then advanced on to study Spatial Design at Chelsea College of Art in 2016. The years spent in his undergraduate strengthened and deepened his interest and understanding in product design and sculpture. During his studies, Burns launched Concrete Objects with Samuel Ross, propelling his curiosity and practice with architecture, space, and social design.

Following both his under- and postgraduate, architecture and sculpture became the main points of investigation for his career. Serving as the vehicle to further explore ones relationship with space, objects, and our environments.

Burns then founded ORBE as a design development organisation, working within and around architectural, spatial and design projects.